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It’s officially June aka officially Summer season around here. In our home the warm weather means A LOT of time in our backyard. Our backyard really belongs to my kids if I’m being honest, which is why I had to share the BEST backyard toys for 2021.

This is a list of our favorite backyard toys perfect for the nicer weather. I have from pools to water tables to playhouses, just about all you need to turn your backyard into Puerto Backyarda! I have something for all yard sizes $ budgets here!

Summer is here and it is time for the BEST Backyard Toys for 2021! From playhouses to pools and water tables, I have something for all budgets!

Best Backyard Toys for 2021

Water Tables

I love water tables! They are easy to setup and even easier to clean up! My favorite selling point for a water table is that it can fit in any space. If you have limited space for water activities I highly recommend a water table. It will be just as much fun!

1.Busy Ball Play Table

What I like about the Busy Ball Play Table by Step 2 is that you can have multiple kids playing with it at once. Your kids can catapult and spin the ball around the top.

Price: $49.99

2.Tropical Rainforest Water Table

Another fun water table is the Tropical Rainforest Water Table. Due to it’s larger size, this water table is also perfect for multiple kids. There are so many different components and levels they can play with.

Price: $69.99

water pond backyard toys

3.Pump & Splash Discovery Pond

The newest to my list and own backyard is the Pump & Splash Discovery Pond! This baby is AMAZING and has already given me hours and hours of play time with my kids. The Pump & Splash Discovery Pond is unique in it’s design because it’s not elevated like your traditional play table. Between the pump and the rain showers my kids are so entertained and all 4 ( even my 11 yr old) enjoys the time!

Price: $119.99

Kid Pools

For summer backyard toys, pools are as classic as you can get. We tend to have a few different ones we bring out for the kids to enjoy. They range from small ones to some a bit larger to accommodate my husband and I as well. Here are some of our favorites this season.

4.3 Ring Pools

These 3 ring pools from Target differ in design but are essentially the same. Here are a few of our favorite designs; Shark, Beach Ball, and Watermelon. They are super simple to set up and are perfect for little ones.

Price: $15.00

5.Minnidip Kiddie Pool

This little pool is a favorite amongst the IG community because it makes for super cute photos. Personally, the price is a bit much for the size of the pool but it sure is cute! So if your budget allows and this is for you- let me know if you love it!

Price: $52.00

6.Surfing Panda Play Center

This is on my list for Summer 2021! I have always been a fan of play center type of pools with little slides. The Surfing Panda Play Center has so many cute characters and options for play. There is so much to do! Currently texting my husband for approval before I purchase this beauty!

Price: $40.00

Sand Tables, Playhouses & Picnic Tables

Our backyard has been transformed into a kids dream! There is something for them to play with all day and has been a ton of fun for us to put together. Not to mention I am able to sittervise, which according to BusyToddler means to supervise from a seated position & observe children at play. This gives mama a much needed break while the kids get to enjoy themselves!

7.Cascading Cove Sand & Water Table

This table has the best of both worlds. The cascading cove sand & water table has a divider allowing you to place sand on one side and water on the other. My favorite feature- the umbrella. The umbrella makes it so easy to place anywhere because your kids get shade!

Price: $79.99

8.Sit & Play Picnic Table with Umbrella

If you need seating for up to 4 toddler the sit & Play Picnic Table with Umbrella is perfect for you! I can personally vouch for the quality of Step 2 picnic tables! They are so durable, but my favorite part is that I can simply hose it down to clean it!

Price: $49.99

9.Naturally Playful Picnic Table with Umbrella

A few Christmases ago we had a picnic table on Lia’s Christmas list. My husband’s grandparents picked up the Step 2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table with Umbrella and it is still standing strong! The biggest difference between this and the one above is size. This table can fit up to 6 toddlers, and since I have 3 it makes for the perfect size for friends!

Price: $99.99

outside playing on slide

10.Woodland Adventure Playhouse & Slide

THIS BABY IS GOLD!!! We have had the Woodland Adventure Playhouse & Slide for about 6 months now and every single day it’s as if it’s something new to the kids. They continue to have a ton of fun playing and sliding! The storage compartment on the bottom is a dream for me since we get to store smaller outdoor toys easily.

Price: $499.99

11.Play Ball Fun Climber

Another super fun climber perfect for smaller kiddos and space is the Play Ball Fun Climber. It has activities all around to keep your little one having fun and can defintiely accommodate for more than one kiddo.

Price: $99.99

12.Charming Cottage

Talk about charming! The Charming Cottage is something I want for me lol! How cute and cozy does this look! I love all the decorative little touches to this playhouse.

Price: $349.99

13.Neat & Tidy Cottage

I love the size and design of the Neat & Tidy Cottage. My favorite part is the outdoor grill! My kids have grown up seeing us grilling and love to engage in pretend play!

Price: $199.99

14. Up & Down Coaster

My father in law surprised the kids with this beauty! The Up & Down Coaster is another favorite in our backyard. The kids love taking turns and coasting down this fun ride!

Price: $119.99

15.Push Around Buggy

A pushing car is a must! The Push Around Buggy is perfect to go for a walk around the block or in our own backyard!

Price: $59.99

I hope you enjoy our favorite backyard toys for Summer 2021!

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