DIY Tic Tac Toe Board

This Post Is Sponsored By Cricut. All You Read Here Are 100% My Own Opinions.  The sun is out, the heat is here & we…

This Post Is Sponsored By Cricut. All You Read Here Are 100% My Own Opinions. 

The sun is out, the heat is here & we are spending WAY more time outdoors these days. One of our favorite family activities is playing board games. So today I’m going to share with you how I merged our love for board games, the outdoors & my Cricut Joy to create a beautiful DIY Tic Tac Toe board !

I love being able to add personal touches to just about everything. This Tic Tac Toe board is no different. My favorite part of this tutorial is how easy it is to put together and add a personal touch with my Cricut Joy. Not only is this perfect for your own home, it would make a great gift too! Imagine adding a family name to the back and making it as a housewarming gift too!

Every so often I get a sudden inspirational urge to craft and my Cricut Joy is the perfect machine to create quick projects while hauling little to no materials. The Cricut Joy is so compact I can create literally anywhere, which is perfect for me in a house full of kids & a husband working from home. We need to get creative with where we get creative, you feel me?

So let’s dive in!

tic tac toe board project

DIY Tic Tac Toe Board

Tic Tac Toe Board Materials

tic tac toe board materials

Tic Tac Toe Board

Board Line Design

The design for this board was fairly simple. The inside of the trays are empty so you will need to create the grid yourself. To do that, measure from wall to wall and determine the thickness of your separation lines. I drew thin markings on the inside to guide me when applying the vinyl lines.

After you have the measurements simply create the line in Design Space. My lines are 11.4 inches long and 0.25 inches thick. If you use the exact materials I listed above just follow the design HERE !

The cool thing about the Cricut Joy is it can cut long designs so if you want to make a jumbo size of this board you totally can!

Tic Tac Toe Chips Design

Like the lines, the design of the chips is where you get to make it totally YOU. You can go with traditional X’s & O’s or you can choose 2 different images for each side. I let my kids have a say in the design and we went with something fun. My design for the chips is with the lines so it’s easy for you to follow.

The rest of the steps will apply to the vinyl application of both the tray and the chip pieces.

tic tac toe board design
design space tic tac toe board


After my lines and images were the correct size I simple followed the prompts to cut my design.

For the lines go ahead and use the black Smart Vinyl. Go ahead and select smart materials so you won’t need a mat. After you will follow the screen prompts to load your Smart Vinyl and cut.

For the chips I used the white Smart Vinyl and also selected smart materials to make it easier and less materials to carry around.

cricut joy


To weed the lines you will grab the weeding tool from your Joy Tool Starter Kit and remove all material that is NOT your vinyl lines or images.


You want to make sure your surfaces are as dust-free and clean as possible. This step is SUPER important for any project. After your surface is super clean grab your transfer tape, weeded lines, and scraper tool. I have my own technique when it comes to applying transfer tape, I typically start in the corner and slowly work through the rest of the design avoiding bubbles as much as possible.

Go over your materials a few times to make sure it really sticks. Then flip it over and slowly remove the backing.

For the lines, once you have removed the backing you will position your lines on the inside of the wooden tray. Remember to look for your markings. After you will slowly adhere it to the board, start at one end again. As you place the vinyl go over it with your scraper tool to make sure it really sticks. This is where the clean surface is the most important. If your surface is not clean, you will have a hard time adhering your vinyl to the tray due to the dust.

For your chip images/design, you will follow the same steps above; adhere transfer tape, flip over to remove backing, adhere to acrylic circles.

diy tic tac toe

Even More Ways To Personalize Your Tic Tac Toe Board

You can go wild with this project. The kids and I decided to add our last name to the back of the tray for fun and you can too. Maybe you want a name on the back, maybe you want to add a few fun images to decorate your chips or board even more? There is no wrong choice and literally and endless amount of possibilities. Enjoy!

tic tac toe board

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