My Absolute Must Have Cricut Tools

I’ve been a Cricut owner for 11+ years now. That’s a lot of Cricut-ing in my life. I’ve seen Cricut from the need of cartridges…


I’ve been a Cricut owner for 11+ years now. That’s a lot of Cricut-ing in my life. I’ve seen Cricut from the need of cartridges to the use of Cricut Design Space. Now, with the release of the newest Cricut machines generation I am here to tell you 2 things; if you have been contemplating a machine DO IT, and I am about to tell you my absolute must-have Cricut tools to get you started on the right foot.

When I first started crafting with Cricut I only worked with paper. I was 20 years old and had just become a single mom sharing custody of my daughter. My mom and I picked up scrapbooking as a way to pass the time doing something we both loved and creating physical momentos for our family. Over the last few years I have really challenged myself to think outside the box & work with new materials.

Creating with my Cricut machines brings me joy and comfort. It truly is my favorite kind of therapy. If you ever have any questions ask away, my email and direct messages are always opened to you!

Now, because I have had the thrill of owning and working with the different machines I am going to break this a few sections. I’m going to dive into tools you need for ALL machines and then give you some must-have cricut tools per machine family.

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Must Have Cricut Tools for ALL machines

This list is my list of basics. These are Cricut tools that I think are going to make working with your Cricut machine super easy. Consider this a sort of a crafters basics kit for first-time Cricut owners.

Must-Have Cricut Tools

  • Basic Tools Set- The Basic Tool Set from Cricut has your most basic tools needed. You have a weeding tool, scraper, scissors, tweezers, and . This tool set has tools I use with EVERY SINGLE PROJECT.
  • Portable Trimmer– The Portable Trimmer is another tool I use often. Not only is the portable trimmer great for Cricut crafting, I find myself using it for anything else that needs cutting in a straight line.
  • Heat Resistant Tape– I heat resistant tape with all my Infusible ink and a lot of my Iron-on projects. Heat Resistant tape is a great tool to keep your design in place when applying heat.

A few additional favorite Cricut tools of mine are; the Self-Healing mats perfect for keeping my table tops from damage, the Machine Tool Organizer to keep all my blades and housings safe and away from my kids, the BrightPad Go to help when weeding my designs.

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What Cricut Tools Do You Need for the Maker & Explore machines?

Let me start by saying that the Cricut Maker 3 is blowing my mind! I’ve used mine for a little over a month now and it quickly turned into one of my favorites ever. The speed at which is cuts is amazing and makes projects incredibly fast to create. I LOVE the ability to use new Smart Materials and also the ability to cut up to 12ft in length.

I do own the first Cricut Maker and will include tools for both! Currently, I own the Explore Air 2. I LOVE IT and am currently teaching my eldest daughter to use it. It truly is the machine between the portable Joy and the do-it-all Maker.

My recommended Cricut Maker Tools for Explore 2 & Original Maker

  • Cricut Cutting Mats– The beauty of these mats is you can use them with just about all the machines except for the joy. I highly recommend stocking up on a few of each; light grip, standard grip, and strong grip. The strength of each mat will be perfect for a specific type of material. You can purchase the standard 12×13 size as well as a 12×24 for longer designs. Now, if you are using Smart Materials you do not need any mats!
  • QuickSwap Housing– The cool thing with the Maker machines is the ability to use so many different types of blades. With the Cricut Maker machines you are able to cut SOOO many materials from your traditional vinyl to basswood and even have the ability to engrave. All of that can be done by switching your blade. To do so, you need a QuickSwap Housing to hold the different blades. Used and needed for both Maker models
  • Blades- Depending on your project you can find a blade for the job!
  • Infusible Ink Markers– These markers can be used with the Makers and the Explore families. The markers are perfect for creating beautiful and seamless projects with Infusible Ink. Can be used with both Maker models and the Explore 2 &3.
  • Infusible Ink Pens– Another favorite for Infusible Ink projects, the pens provide a much thinner line. Equally as beautiful of an outcome! Both Maker models compatible
  • Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set– The pens are compatible with the Cricut Explore families as well. You can create beautiful paper projects and let your machine do the artwork and writing for you with the pen set! Compatible with both Maker Models and the Explore 2 &3.
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My recommended Cricut Maker Tools for Maker 3 & Explore 3

  • Cricut Roll Holder– This tool is Maker 3 & Explore 3 specific. The Cricut Roll Holder holds your rolls of Smart Materials in place. It has helped me keep the extra long rolls from unrolling completely and saves me space while crafting.
  • Smart Materials- The revolutionary thing about Smart Materials is the ability to cut without needing a mat. This makes crafting quicker and the need of less tools. Smart Material types are iron on and vinyl permanent and removable. You can use Smart Materials with your Cricut Maker 3 and Explore 3.
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Must Have Cricut Tools Do You Need for the Cricut Joy?

The Cricut Joy is SUCH an easy machine to use. It is small which makes it super portable and perfect for quick projects. When I say it is easy to use, I am telling you my 5 & 11-year-olds make cards SOLO! The Cricut Joy cuts up to 4ft of continuous designs and is also compatible with it’s own line of Smart Materials.


Each family of machines has their own pros. There are so many possibilities with each one! Happy Crafting!

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