What Is a Cricut Machine?

What is a Cricut Machine? Maybe you are wondering whether to invest in a Cricut machine or maybe you just want to know what the…


What is a Cricut Machine? Maybe you are wondering whether to invest in a Cricut machine or maybe you just want to know what the hype is. You have come to the right place!

I have been a Cricut user for 11+ years now and have gotten to see firsthand how innovative Cricut is! So let’s dive in!

What is a Cricut Machine?

So first up, what exactly are Cricut machines? Cricut machines are smart cutting machines. There are few different Cricut machines for all budgets and space sizes. You can choose from the;

This year, our favorite machines got an upgrade and we are most excited about the increased cutting speeds of the Cricut Explore 3 and the Cricut Maker 3.

Cricut Design Space

With Cricut’s own design program, Design Space, you have a ton of options with pre-made images and fonts to choose from. Not to mention you can search Design Space for ready-to-make options that need no designing- just creating. You can also share the link to your designs with other Cricut crafters as well!

The Cricut Joy

Think of the Cricut Joy as the baby of the family, but only in size! Because this machine can cut 50+ materials including Iron On, Vinyl, Card Stock, and much more. With the release of the Cricut Joy came the Smart Materials, materials that can be used without the need of cutting mats. This literally cuts the number of supplies you need to own and cuts your steps down!

Another impressive feature of the Cricut Joy is its ability to cut individual shapes up to 4ft. long or make repeated cuts up to 20ft long. But my absolute favorite thing about the Joy is that I can move it around my house with a lot of ease & craft just about anywhere OR- TAKE IT ON THE GO!

Cricut Explore 3

The New Cricut Explore 3 is the newest in the Cricut Explore family. It was released a few months ago and is such a beauty! The Explore 3 can not only cut 100+ materials, it is also compatible with 6 tools for cutting, writing, foiling & more.

The newest Explore cuts 2xs faster than its predecessor and is compatible with Smart Materials too!

Maker 3

I cannot answer the question ” What is a Cricut Machine ?” without talking about the Cricut Maker 3. This machine is the mama of them all. This beauty cuts 300+ materials- including Iron-on, felt, card stock & , is 2xs faster than its predecessor, and is compatible with 13 tools used for cutting, writing, foiling, and embellishing.

You can use scoring wheels, Knife blades for thicker materials, and a rotary blade to cut just about any fabric. This machine I feel is a merge between all my favorite crafts & has pushed me to bring out that sewing machine too. The Cricut Maker 3 is also compatible with Smart Materials.

What is a Cricut Machine Used for?

The possibilities are literally ENDLESS. If you can think of it, there is probably a way to make it using your Cricut. From the endless amount of T-shirts, sweaters, and clothing personalized using Iron on to home decor using Wood Veneers and vinyl- you can make it all.

Some of my favorite projects have been my Disney Interchangeable Home Sign made with wood veneer and vinyl, Woodland Baby Mobiel made with felt, Space themed party crafts from decor to mugs made with my Mug Press, and the hot cocoa gift basket I gifted my neighbors last year.

What Do I love about Cricut machines?

Crafting is therapeutic for me. Crafting provides me with a creative outlet and Cricut machines have been such a help with that. I started Cricut crafting ONLY with Card stock & with the easy use of Cricut machines I have gained the confidence to create SO MUCH MORE!

As a mom of 4, I am constantly personalizing anything and everything for that extra touch! The possibilities are truly endless!

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