Create Room DreamBox Christmas Decor

I did a thing! I finally decorated my DreamBox for the holidays. What better time to share than with the Create Room Black Friday Sale…


I did a thing! I finally decorated my DreamBox for the holidays. What better time to share than with the Create Room Black Friday Sale going on! From now until November 29th you can sale 15% off EVERYTHING with my code:  MAMMABEARSAYSMASSIVEJOY !!!

These savings are HUGE & if you have been thinking about getting a DreamBox this is a perfect opportunity. I have a few articles with information and full reviews here:

DreamBox & DreamCart Review

10 Things I love About my DreamBox

DreamBox Christmas Decor

One of my favorite things about my DreamBox is the ability to personalize it however I want and need. I purchased the 80 totes and bins package which gives me unlimited freedom to move things as I need.

For this holiday season I decided to put away some totes and allow myself some space for decorations. I love decorating my office space for the holidays and my DreamBox is THE key part of it.

How to Decorate Your DreamBox

Tote Covers

One of the fastest ways to add a WOW feature to your DreamBox is by creating covers for your totes with card stock. I know many people who rotate colors to match the season, which is beautiful! In my case, I have the same fun bright colors and found Christmas Decor to match!

You can find an easy tutorial from my friend Slay at Home Mother HERE

Add a Garland

If your DreamBox comes with the Crown Light, which I highly recommend- a cute little garland is a must and simple way to decorate. The Crown Light lasts up to 50,000 hours & is perfect for extra light or to craft at night, becuase hello kids! It is probably one of my favorite upgrades you can get for your DreamBox.

For my DreamBox, I found this cute and inexpensive DIY Christmas Sweater Garland at Target for $3 and my 5 year old went to town decorating it. She loves that she can see it hanging in my office.

The Doors

You can always find my DreamBox half opened! My table top is always down and my doors are opened but not exposing the inside of my DreamBox. This helps keep my kids from being constantly in my things because out of sight out of mind. On rare occasions I close it completely up to expose the beautiful shaker design.

To be able to add more decor I used 3m command hooks and hung some light Christmas artwork to the doors. Above the doors I was able to add some bottle brush trees too! You can only do this part if you are not closing it or don’t mind removing them to full close daily.


You can move shelves and totes as you please! For this season I consolidated some items to give me some shelving space for some tiny nutcrackers, a Christmas scented candle, and a family picture.

I kept decorations on a budget and in the perfect tones for my space. I can feel the Christmas magic every time I sit down to work!

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