All About the NEW Cricut Bright 360

This post is Sponsored by Cricut. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% My own! It’s here! Cricut’s newest crafting tool, the Cricut Bright…

This post is Sponsored by Cricut. As always, my reviews and opinions are 100% My own!

It’s here! Cricut’s newest crafting tool, the Cricut Bright 360 and I have all the details and a review for you! If you are a crafter or creator in need of some awesome lighting STICK AROUND!


What’s the Cricut Bright 360?

One of my greatest struggles as a crafter has always been having the right amount of light exactly where I need it. Due to my lack of lighting, I always found myself being limited to productive creating ONLY DURING THE DAY. As a mom of 4, it is not always possible.

Now, before I dive in I need to share with you that I have been using the Cricut Bright 360 for a few weeks and have tested all it’s features out. So let’s dive in!

The Cricut Bright 360 is Cricut’s debut lamp line. You have the choice between the Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp & a Table Lamp version. Because of the space I have, I went for the floor lamp version!

Bright 360

What Can You Use Your Cricut Bright 360 For?

The Cricut Bright 360 lamps are perfect for all creators. They have a 4 foot light span which makes it perfect for illuminating your areas while creating. You can use it for paper crafting, quilting, sewing, making jewelry, weeding (my favorite), & as a content creator, it works well for photography as well.

No more straining your eyes! I have used it for photography, paper crafting, and weeding so far. I love the results it provides for me when weeding and the lack of eye strain!

Cricut lighting

Cricut Bright 360 Features

Temperature Control

The temperature control feature is my favorite. You have the ability to change from warm (2900 kelvin) to daylight (4400K) to cool lighting (5200K) with a slider control button. Personally, daylight is my favorite ESPECIALLY is photography or video is involved.

Control Brightness

Some projects and some days will require a bit more lighting than others. Along with the temperature control slider, you can find your perfect level of brightness with a slider control as well.

Both of these features allow you to find your perfect light for whatever the project.

crafting light
Cricut lamp

Rotating Lamp Head

As a creator, being able to move the light right where I need it has been a challenge…until this lamp made it’s way to me. I am able to easily rotate the lamp head and bring it as close as I need and in the direction I need.

Yes, you can touch the lamp head. The LEDs along with Cricut’s construction allows cool-to-the-touch surfaces for you to safely move the lamp as you need. This is also a bonus if you have little ones around!

Purchase Details

The Cricut Bright 360 Floor & Desk lamps are available to purchase in the U.S and Canada as of 1/27/2021! The Table Lamp retails at $199 USD and the Floor Lamp retails at $249 USD

crafting light

My Honest Thoughts

For starters, it is BEAUTIFULLY designed and looks so sleek and elegant. It is a lamp that can seamlessly join your workspace without disrupting the decor in there. The base of the lamp is super stable and sturdy which I love because I have kids and a puppy who make their way into my crafting space.

One of the most important things when creating has always been accessing daylight. If I am creating a craft and want to share it with you the lighting matters! The Cricut Bright 360 allows me to create at all times of the day.

The new Cricut lamps are great tools to help you create. Whether you are scrapbooking or sewing, good lighting is of the essence and Cricut has you covered!

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