DIY Valentine Doormat

Want to give some love to your doorstep? With this Cricut DIY Valentine Doormat tutorial, you will be spreading love and magic in no time!…


Want to give some love to your doorstep? With this Cricut DIY Valentine Doormat tutorial, you will be spreading love and magic in no time! Why magic? Because here we are blending the month of love with some Mickey Magic!

One of my favorite things about this tutorial is how affordable it is to make DIY doormats. I made this mat by only spending $10 on the coir mat and using paints I already owned. My way of making them includes outdoor acrylic paint, dabbing brushes, and a clear seal on top. The best part-you may already have some paint lying around or at the very minimum, you can continue to use it for many other projects.

Valentine Doormat

Supplies for your Valentine Doormat

The color of permanent vinyl doesn’t matter, you will be using this to create your stencil. This is the perfect opportunity to go through any supplies that haven’t been used! You do need to have at least a 12×24 piece for it.

doormat supplies

Valentine Doormat Design

For my Valentine Doormat design, I added a little Disney magic to it. You can recreate this same design by simply following my link HERE.

doormat design

Step-by-step Doormat Design

  1. Create an 21×11.5 rectangle for your base. This is a good size for an 18×30 coir mat.
  2. Next, select a font you like for your X’s and O’s. Design space has a ton of cute font options.
  3. If you want to add Disney magic to yours go ahead and search for the Mickey head shape in the images section.
  4. Position the X’s, O’s, and Mickey heads where you want
  5. Select the whole design and select Attach to make it one workable piece
  6. Hit Create, load your standard grip mat & let your Cricut do it’s magic
cricut maker
Cricut stencil
diy valentine doormat

Creating Your DIY Doormat Stencil

Before you weed your stencil, I want you to prep your coir mat! To prep your coir mat give it a few shakes outdoors to remove any excess fibers and run a lint roller on it a bit. You won’t be able to get it all off but that is okay, get as much as you can.

Now to the stencil. To create a stencil you will weed out any excess material as you would any other project. Once you have removed the extra material CAREFULLY remove the backing from the permanent vinyl and position it over your stencil on your coir mat.

For added protection, my friend Corinne at Slay At Home Mother used painter’s tape to tape the edges. I used acrylic paints and not the spray paint and did not have any issue with the stencil moving either project.

valentine doormat
DIY Valentine Doormat

Paint Your Valentine Doormat

My favorite part of the particular materials I use is how affordable outdoor acrylic paints are. You don’t need to spend a ton on expensive paints because that clear seal will do the trick. My paints cost me about $1.00 a bottle and are used for multiple projects. The specific ones I used for this Valentine Doormat are ones I had here at home!

You can use a paint palette or paper plates to place your paints. Start with one color at a time.

NOW- the most important part is the motion you to paint. With a stencil brush, you want to dab the area you are painting. I highly recommend laying it thick and stopping to check for gaps.

Wash your brush well between color switches and continue the same motion. Once you are done painting you can CAREFULLY remove your stencil while it is still wet. You will have to let the paint dry about 6-8 hours. I recommend letting it dry somewhere warm for a faster dry time.

diy valentine doormat design
clear spray

The Final Touch

So you let your mat dry and now you are ready for that clear coat? First things first- do this outdoors or somewhere well ventilated. The smell is STRONG!

The dry time is about 10 minutes. However, you need to leave about 2 hours before you can handle your mat. It’s best if you spray it somewhere you can leave your mat for 2 hours before you can touch it. Then just follow the spraying directions on your can & spray away!

ENJOY! I found this plaid black and white mat on Amazon to place under my coir mats during the holidays and so far still matches so it’s staying!

Enjoy your coir mat for some Disney magic & love feels<3

$10 DIY valentine doormat

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