The Impact of Becoming a U.S. Citizen

Thank you iAmerica for sponsoring this post Becoming a U.S. Citizen was the dream I grew up surrounded by. Hey friends, in case you are…

Thank you iAmerica for sponsoring this post

Becoming a U.S. Citizen was the dream I grew up surrounded by. Hey friends, in case you are new around here, my name is Karen and I am a first-generation Mexican American. Both my parents migrated here from Mexico in search of that coveted American dream

For years I heard news left and right of aunts & uncles becoming  U.S. citizens. I first-hand witnessed my parents study for their citizenship test and saw the work that went behind it. Gaining citizenship meant so many doors opened to them.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever with the help of iAmerica! They can help you and your family and you can start your application for citizenship online. But first, why? Read our story!

becoming a U.S Citizen

What did Becoming a U.S. Citizen mean to our family?

My parents migrated from Mexico to the U.S right after they got married. They were young and in search of the freedoms, protections, and opportunities that came with becoming a U.S. Citizen. Not only did they want these for themselves, but they also wanted them for their future family.

Crazy story, my parents eloped after one week of knowing each other and left Mexico in search of their American Dream. Both my parents grew up in single-parent homes and wanted to be able to provide for their future family as well as help their mothers out. When my parents migrated to the U.S they moved in with relatives and soon after found out they were expecting me.

Part of their struggles as immigrants included things like access to healthcare and well-paying jobs. My mom worked in factories and my dad was able to start a career as a truck driver. As soon as my mom was able to become a citizen she quit her job in the factory and went to school to become a Dental Technician.

My dad has continued his career as a truck driver and my mom was able to have a career that did not mean taxing physical labor, long hours, and no benefits. They have since raised 3 kids and now have 8 grandkids!

From a young age, I understood that the opportunities I have from being born in the U.S are not the same as those that are not citizens. I heard of the fears of deportation and the stories of family members being deported as well. I did not understand the heartache of it until becoming a parent, the hurt and fear of being separated from your family.

The Right To Vote

One of the biggest rights they celebrated was the right to vote. Once becoming U.S citizens they were able to cast their votes and make their voices heard. I still remember the first time my mom could vote. Pure excitement upon receiving that “I Voted” sticker for the first time.

Having that emphasis on voting and exercising your right to have your voice heard in our country shaped the adult I became. Voting is a right I treasure and always make sure to research & never miss a voting deadline.

Traveling Freedom

Becoming a citizen means you can travel freely to visit your family. I grew up traveling to visit my grandmothers frequently, and because of it, I have a beautiful representation of my culture. AND SO MANY MEMORIES!

This freedom to travel also means the ability to visit your home country without worrying about returning on a specific day. Traveling for weddings, birthdays, and even challenging times like funerals, is easier to do.

becoming a U.S Citizen benefits

Educational and Occupational Opportunities

My mom took advantage of the educational opportunities she received once becoming a U.S Citizen and went to school for a career in the dental world. She was able to leave the physically challenging jobs behind and find something she enjoyed while providing for her family.

These types of opportunities are key to bettering the quality of life and beginning the generational wealth for our generations to come. The choices my parents made trickled down to me and now my children.

family picture becoming a U.S Citien

Becoming a U.S. Citizen

Did you know that there are currently 9 million lawful permanent residents in the U.S that are able to apply for citizenship? That means 9 million people that are ready for their rights and freedoms.

iAmerica has FREE online tools to help people see if they are eligible to apply for U.S citizenship and start their application online! In 2021, more than 800,000 eligible lawful permanent residents became U.S Citizens! All who are eligible to apply for U.S Citizenship should start their applications now.

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