Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

Valentine’s Day in our home is a family affair. This Valentine’s Day dessert board is quick, simple, & will be a huge hit with whoever…


Valentine’s Day in our home is a family affair. This Valentine’s Day dessert board is quick, simple, & will be a huge hit with whoever you are celebrating with this month!

Valentine's Day Dessert Board

Every Valentine’s Day we celebrate with food, treats, and a little gift for the kids. We throw a little Valentine’s Day party for our kids and will probably do so until they’re too cool to spend it with us haha!

Now, with that being said- I am learning to work smarter not harder and making a dessert board is hands down one of my favorite ways to make things easy on me! Now let’s get to it!

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Valentine's Day dessert board
Valentine's Day Dessert Board

Valentine’s Day Dessert Board Tips

Dessert boards and snack boards are favorites in our home. The kids love being able to have a lot of options. As parents, we love that we just set something out and they can come back to it all day. No need to hear “I want a snack” a million times a day- YOU ARE WELCOME!

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From one tired mama to another, remember these tips have helped me but you can add your own twist to it all.

What To Use As a Base

You don’t need anything fancy. A cutting board will do. Or even some trays from the dollar store. Now, with that said keep in mind that a sturdy board is best especially with little ones around.

I found a few options for you to checkout:

My kids, especially my twins, like to pull the board as close to them as possible. A nonslip cutting board will work wonders and help keep it from flying off your table and onto the floor.

What Treats To Include

The fun part of making a Valentine’s Day dessert board, or any dessert board for that matter is that you can put WHATEVER YOU WANT on it. I like to include a mixture of candy and baked goods.

We are all about balance here so my boards will always have a mix of store-bought items and maybe a homemade thing here and there. I love when I can mix both.

For my board, I made 3 of the items and the rest I picked up in store. Here is what I made

Heart-Shaped Brownies

I made a pan of brownies, cut them with a heart cookie cutter and then drizzled them with icing and sprinkles to make them “Valentine’s Day” themed.

Chocolate-Dipped Vanilla Wafers

The wafers are another example of an easy treat to “dress up”. Dip half of your wafer in chocolate- add sprinkles and BOOM it’s now a fancy wafer!

Valentine's Day


My cupcakes are not anything special. BUT- the kids loved to help make them and kept them busy while I prepared everything else for them.

Other Valentine’s Day Dessert Board Item Ideas:

Whatever you decide to include- have fun and ENJOY!

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