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This shop has been compensated by Inmar Intelligence and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. Hi, Friends! A few weeks ago I took Labcorp’s…

This shop has been compensated by Inmar Intelligence and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Hi, Friends! A few weeks ago I took Labcorp’s Make Way For Better pledge to regain control of my physical health. Since then, I have been on a path for a healthier me. It’s been a few months of trying to regain some of that control because I’ve quickly learned I cannot care for my family and those who need me without taking care of myself first.

If you are on the same path or even thinking about it, keep reading!

My Journey to A Healthier Me

Like many other parents, the last two years my own health has been on the back burner. A mixture of the lack of appointments, staying home to reduce COVID-19 exposure, distance learning, and juggling life all contributed to it.

Taking the Make Way for Better Pledge  really set things in motion. After taking the pledge, I received routine health checklists, AND now I will receive tips and information from Labcorp. BUT- I have done more than take the pledge- I ordered my Women’s Health Panel from Labcorp OnDemand to go ahead and get a jumpstart on checking in with my overall health and wellness prior to my doctor’s appointment.

Ordering The Health Panel

The ordering process is super simple. Visit their website, order your test and then wait for the confirmation. Once I received a confirmation email for the order,  I scheduled an appointment at the closest location to me.

It is so easy to order the Women’s Health Panel. Because let me tell you as a busy mom of 4- I am all about ease and convenience. I received another email with my appointment details as well as any instructions specific to my test such as fasting, etc. so I could be best prepared for my panel.

My Experience With Labcorp

The day before my appointment I received a reminder of the appointment and the instructions I needed to follow before the panel. The reminders are greatly appreciated because again- life happens and it’s pretty crazy around here.

The location I went to had self-check-in kiosks, and I was taken back for the test within 5 minutes. I was given an explanation of all that was being checked and instructions. 5 minutes later, I was on my way home.

What was a VERY pleasant surprise was that I woke up to my results the next morning. As if the quick results were not exciting enough, the way the results for each area tested were presented on the report are super simple to understand.

Reading the results was super easy to do, and I was able to understand what each test checked for. Now I can have peace of mind while I wait to get that doctor appointment scheduled AND have something to share with my doctor as well! I was super excited to see my within range results.

healthier life journey
journey to healthier me

My Final Thoughts

From taking the Make Way for Better pledge to ordering the Women’s Health Panel to receiving my results let me tell you- DO IT! It was such a good experience and I am so happy that I took my pledge even one step further! You can too! Join me in taking the pledge today.

I now:

  1. Have results with explanations that are easy to understand
  2. I can take my results to my doctor for further evaluation
  3. Feel calmer to know a little more of where I stand on my journey to a healthier me
  4. Am even more excited to continue this healthier me journey

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