Crafting With Kids Made Easy

Thank you Scholastic Klutz for sponsoring this post.  The apple falls pretty close to the tree in my home. My kids LOVE to create and…

Thank you Scholastic Klutz for sponsoring this post. 

The apple falls pretty close to the tree in my home. My kids LOVE to create and craft just as much as I do and I’m not even made about it. I am always looking for ways to make crafting with kids easy and still loads of fun. Scholastic Klutz must have heard me calling- let me introduce you to one of my kids’ favorite crafts and a way to craft that cuts the hard work out and leaves behind only the fun!

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Why Is Crafting With Kids Important To Us?

In the Martinez Casita we are hands-on people. My husband woodworks and you guys know I am creative at heart. If I can make it- I will. 

Getting creative with kids allows for more hands-on activities that are stimulating and give them something fun to make while apart from the screen ( a huge plus for me). Crafting with kids allows for kids to channel that creativity and tell a story, their story, through what they are making.

Why Scholastic Klutz?

However… we are no different from other tired parents. The balance between finding activities, setting them up, and guiding them all while keeping our home running can sometimes seem like its own challenge. So when we can, we find products that help ease some of that burden and leave us only to do the fun part- the creating with our kids part.

Scholastic Klutz activities and crafts are fun for families of young kids and provide super clear instructions for your kids to craft with you OR independently too. A perfect quiet time activity in our home.

Now, Let’s Get to Crafting

My girls both love to make just about anything and everything. They have special seats in my crafting space and we all pull up a chair, put on a playlist, and get to creating. The Mini Sushi Bar Klutz craft kit was too cute not to make!

I mean take a look at the little bento lunches and sushi dinners the girls made with clay and other items. To top it off, in the process of making these clay foods they were learning the art of making sushi and the difference between sushi and other Japanese treats.

So what did we do? We created a sushi dinner and then had a little play dinner party because WHY NOT!

craft for kids

The Process of Klutz Kits

Like I mentioned before, the instructions were super clear. Once the girls started creating they were on their own with my close by to observe and assist if need be. Having these at-home activities are perfect to give them something fun and new to be a part of.


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