Practical Easter Basket Ideas

I can’t believe I’m already sitting here writing about Easter. Didn’t we just talk about all the Christmas things yesterday? Well, reluctantly here we are…


I can’t believe I’m already sitting here writing about Easter. Didn’t we just talk about all the Christmas things yesterday? Well, reluctantly here we are already sharing Easter basket ideas!

As a mom of 4, the cost of Easter baskets can add up quickly, and I am not here for that. My go-to over the years have been a few staple items that my kids will not only love, but will get plenty of use out of them and won’t end up in the trash.

Now, of course, it can’t always go smoothly. Being the mom of a preteen is a reminder that everything I knew was tried and true is now thrown out the window. So…Zoey’s basket will be a little different but with the same general theme!

Easter basket ideas for tweens

Practical Easter Basket Ideas

Living in Southern California, Springtime seems like a gateway to warm weather and lots of time outdoors. Each year the kids’ baskets reflect that outside and warmer weather paired with a few treats because what is all the fun if we can’t indulge in some Peeps?

As far as their baskets go- I bought these 4 coordinating ones for $10 on Amazon and have used them for 3 years now. I love that they are easy to store because they are flattened and just added their names with iron-on.

Everything you see here was purchased from Target!

easter basket

What’s in Zoey’s Basket:

easter baskets

What’s in Lia’s Basket:

Easter basket ideas

What’s in Lincoln & Lucas’ baskets:

Easter basket ideas for twins

Tween Easter Baket Ideas

We are in that complicated age where one day I have her style on point and the other she hates what I picked SO to make it easier on me I went with accessories! A fun beach/pool bag is the main item. This bag is still centered around that outdoor time and I felt like you can’t go wrong with it.

To the bag, you can add hair accessories like these cute star clips and a fun necklace. There are so many options to choose from.

What is an Easter basket without some fun foods and treats? A cute Easter cookie, Peeps marshmallow wand, and a can of Easter-themed chips for the win. These are all great options and can be ideas for kids of all ages!

Staple Basket Items


An absolute Easter basket staple for me- a swimsuit! This is for 2 reasons; 1- by the time Easter hits most swimwear is out to shop for and already starting to sell out, 2- due to the weather where we live it’s already appropriate to have a swimsuit handy for those hot days.


Chalk is a must and it will last us forever! I love getting the egg-shaped chalk for the little ones because it is easier for them to hold!


Books are pretty much a part of anything involving gifts with my kids. Reading is a favorite and there are so many cute books for the season.


In order to keep things simple, I recommend some cookies or chips, and a fun candy or in my case- a Peeps marshmallow wand!

Cupcakes, cookie decorating kits, and baking sets are another fun favorite.

girl Easter basket ideas

Spring/Summer Accessories

A summer hat or glasses are a great addition to an Easter basket. With the warmer weather around the corner, these are practically essentials for the seasons to come. You can find glasses in the dollar sections as well as some adorable choices online as well!

I hope this helped you find a few items, cut the time to figure out what to get, and make things a little easier on you! Happy Easter!

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