The cutest DIY Mothers Day Gift

This Post Is Sponsored By Cricut. As Always, My Reviews And Opinions Are 100% My Own! I am so and I mean SO excited to…

This Post Is Sponsored By Cricut. As Always, My Reviews And Opinions Are 100% My Own!

I am so and I mean SO excited to share the absolute cutest DIY Mothers Day Gift I helped Lia’s classroom put together! A HUGE shoutout to Cricut for helping me make this happen & all the smiles we are about to put on the face of their mom’s! I have a tutorial for you to make your very own DIY and fully personalized coffee mug for the special mamas in your life!

DIY Mothers Day Gift

I will admit I absolutely LOVE and can’t wait to see the DIY Mothers Day gift my kids make at school. Something about those little hands working hard AND the excitement they get when I open them is amazing. Spreading joy and kindness is so important for us and this is the perfect opportunity to spread some love!

My favorite part of this DIY Mothers Day gift tutorial is how incredibly easy it is to make and that each of the kids got to let their creativity soar with it. Let’s dive in!

Personalized Mug- DIY Mothers Day Gift

One of my favorite things about this tutorial is that you only need a few materials and little prep. This specific mug tutorial is PERFECT for little kids to help.

personalized gift
Blank Mugs


My Prep

A little background on how I made this happen for 20 kids! For starters I designed and cut the paper to fit the size of the mugs with my Cricut machine before entering the classroom. Next, I packed up all my Infusible Ink Freehand Markers and spent the day in Lia’s class working on the designs.

Her teacher gave me my own centers time and I had about 10 mins which each group of kids. My absolutely favorite part has to be watching the kids draw something special for their moms and have them tell me all about them.

This is also a great gift for grandmothers, aunts, sisters, etc. <3

design space mugs
DIY Mothers day gift


The design is very easy, you find the link HERE. Due to the fact that the transfer is mirrored I recommend adding any wording with the machine and mirroring it. You will find “Happy Mother’s Day” at the top, leaving you the whole bottom to draw. I recommend letting your Cricut cutting machine draw the words for you, this will prevent letters from transferring flipped.

The idea for this design is to let the kids get their art on. I am huge sucker for handprint projects with my kids so the design mirrors that. A simple Happy Mother’s Day up top and a handprint that kids can color and decorate as they wish.

cricut machine

Cutting & Drawing

Infusible Ink Freehand Markers are my favorite way to transfer my kid’s art onto blanks. It is a way to basically make their art last forever in my opinion.

To start off you will load a sheet of white copy paper on to your mat. Next you will select the correct paper size and MIRROR your image, then select copy paper as your material you are cutting. To make things SUPER easy if you are cutting multiple sheets go ahead and change the number of copies to however many you need, 20 in my case.

Your Cricut will inform you to load an Infusible Ink black pen to the the machine and will get the “Happy Mother’s Day” written on there for you & mirrored so you won’t end up with flipped words! Once the words are written your machine will cut the outline.

Cricut crafts

*Pro Tip- Flip your mat and pull your mat away from your paper to help lessen rolling

The next step is to hand over the Infusible Ink Freehand Markers to your little artists and let them get to work. For this step, I outlined each of the kids’ hands and let them draw designs or patterns inside the hand. Some drew pictures, some patterns, I love getting to see each child design a truly one of a kind gift.

Application Time

If you are working on creating multiple mugs at once, all of the drawing can be done at one time. I was able to take the drawings home (added a post it with each child’s name so I didn’t mix them up) and do the applying at home.

When creating multiple mugs, my biggest tip is to precut your butcher paper at once and get that ready to just tape on. The dimension I use for the butcher paper is 9×3.75. You will need 3 sheets per mug. This is a super important step- the butcher paper protects your MugPress.

DIY Mothers Day Gift
Cricut Mugs
DIY Mothers Day Gift
Cricut MugPress
  1. Plug in & turn on your MugPress. While you wait for it to be ready- prepare your mug
  2. Grab your mug, you can use a lint roller to remove any dust, etc.
  3. Place the paper over the mug, with the design facing your mug
  4. Tape it down with Heat Resistant Tape– there is no such thing as too much tape in my opinion
  5. Place the 3 sheets of butcher paper over the design- use Heat Resistant tape again!
  6. Double check your design is secure and won’t move
  7. Once your MugPress beeps to let you know it’s ready, place your mug inside and close it
  8. Wait for it to beep that your mug is done (about 6 mins), carefully remove your mug and place on your EasyPress Mat to cool. Your mug handle is okay to touch.
  9. Let cool for about 20 mins
  10. Remove butcher paper and design, and VOILA!
DIY Mothers Day Gift

Mug Delivery

I was so impressed with how little it took to make 20 mugs! With every mug I uncovered I had a HUGE smile. They are absolutely perfect and made with so much love! It was such a heartwarming experience for me and I cannot wait for these kiddos to share their special gift with their mom’s this year!

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