5 Developmental Benefits of Dot Markers

Are you looking for fun & educational/development promoting activities for your kids? You NEED to get some dot markers. Not only are they fun, but…


Are you looking for fun & educational/development promoting activities for your kids? You NEED to get some dot markers. Not only are they fun, but I am going to share with you 5 developmental benefits of your child using them too!

dot markers

Hi Friends, it’s Karen here. Mom of 4, twin mom, special-ed mom, and once upon a time Special Education Advocate. My background & my experience with early intervention services for my kids have been the two major contributing factors when it comes to choosing what activities, toys, books, etc. for my kids.

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Dot Markers

Dot markers have been a favorite for my kids for years now. As a mom of 4, I appreciate how long they last and how inexpensive the activity books are. You can also print your own sheets at home too.

dot marker favorites

Our favorite brand of dot markers are the Do-A-Dot Art brand. I have a set that Lia got for her birthday almost two years ago and are still going strong!

I love that these markers are not just fun, but they are full of development benefits too. While the kids are on school breaks I love to bring out the dot markers and let them go to town. They can play with them for an hour! A WHOLE HOUR!

Our Favorite Dot Markers & Books:

dot marker playing

5 Developmental Benefits

Now that we got all the fun stuff done, let’s talk about the reasons WHY dot markers are great for child development.

1.Hand-eye coordination: By grabbing the markers and choosing where to place is your child is working on their hand-eye coordination.
2.Motor skills: Dot Marker books come with circle where your child is being guided to place their dot marker on top of. Your child practicing to aim in the designated circles works on their motor skills.
3.Works on grip: These are larger and easier for kids to grasp and grip. They are a perfect tool for toddlers who have not yet developed these skills fully.
4.Creativity: Kids are encouraged to try patterns, shapes, and explore with all the colors too.
5.Dexterity: When using dot markers your child has to work on a few different skills; taking the dot marker cap off, turning the marker, turning pages of their books/paper, and pressing down enough to get the ink on the paper. All of these skills help build your child’s dexterity.

child development

Dot markers so much fun for your kids, easy to clean-up, and full of so many benefits for their development. I would love to know if you have tried them and what your experiences have been!

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