Toy Story Birthday Party

I am really proud of this one guys. Throwing a Toy Story Birthday Party for my twins has been on my to do since finding…


I am really proud of this one guys. Throwing a Toy Story Birthday Party for my twins has been on my to do since finding out I was having twins. This weekend I got to do just that and DIY-ed just about every detail!


When my twins were born I basically had my own Buzz and Woody. Their first birthday was a drive-by parade and I really wanted to save Toy Story for a time we could have a REAL party! So we did, and it was everything and more.

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Toy Story Party ideas

Toy Story Birthday Party

It’s all in the details for me. I was able to really enjoy throwing this Toy Story Birthday Party and focus on all the little details our guests would enjoy.

One of the best parts about this theme is that you can literally make it whatever you want. You can go with the traditional colors or go for a more neutral vibe if you want. For us, colorful is our thing and it really shows.

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Toy Story Cake Table

This table consists of the cake, cupcakes, the party favors, and of course some of my kids’ toys for some character appearances.

At the center of any party is cake! To keep decor, cost, and time down I encourage you to make this your focal point. Pour your heart into making the cake table the center point of your party and the rest can remain simple.

There are areas where I feel I love to go extra and others where I keep things simple. In this case, I ordered all white cakes and cupcakes with sprinkles. I was able to find the Buzz and Woody cake toppers at the Dollar Tree and ordered little army men on Amazon to top the cupcakes. The kids LOVED their little army guys!

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birthday photos


Andy’s blue with white clouds iconic bedroom walls can be recreated with a photo paper backdrop and removable vinyl clouds, you can make them with a Cricut if you have access to one. A few days before the party I used this same background for their birthday photos! You can also purchase already made options as well!

Balloon Garland

Fun balloon garlands are totally in. What really makes this garland “Toy Story” is the cow print and blue cloud balloons. This set on Amazon has everything you need to make your garland for $20! I highly recommend an electric balloon pump, SO much easier to inflate balloons.

Checkout the easy way I put mine together HERE.


I love being able to create beautiful things with supplies I have laying around. These blocks are so easy to put together and make a huge statement. With any old square box (these are medium packing boxes measuring 16x16x18 from Lowes), packing paper (another material from when we moved 4 years ago), and card stock you can make them too.

You can checkout THIS quick Tik Tok tutorial for the step-by-step. I did use my Cricut to cut the letters on new Smart Sticker Paper Card stock.

The Tables & Tent Decor

Every now and then I get fancy and borrow my best friends table cloths or use my round ones too. Truth be told after 4 kids, purchasing them actually is more cost effective than plastic ones. You can buy them online at Tablecloths Factory! We have had ours for 5+ years and they are still in great condition!

My mom came in and helped me not only setup, but also by sewing the runners out of fabric I ordered at Joanns. I love how a simple runner can make a table scape sleek and elevated.

party setup
Toy story centerpieces

Recycling is so important in our home and we were able to repurpose some delivery boxes for the center pieces. I love having center pieces that are functional, in this case a box full of snacks for our guests.

Each box was covered with the packaging paper to mimic the packing boxes from the Toy Story movies. In addition to the kraft paper, using Toy Story font purchased on etsy I was able to create a sign with my boys’ names, attached it to a dowel.

Hanging from the tent on one side was paper chains made by my daughters. This decoration is not only cute, but it was easy to make and can be made with paper you have at home. On the other were aliens and slinky decorations from Amazon.

I love to mix DIY aspects with store bought things all with the goal to remain within budget and still find a way to bring my vision to life. This Toy Story Birthday Party was the perfect mix of everything I love. Thanks for reading!

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