3 Ways We Help Our Child Express Her Uniqueness

As a parent I am always looking for ways to encourage my oldest child, Zoey, to be her unique self. She is at that age…


As a parent I am always looking for ways to encourage my oldest child, Zoey, to be her unique self. She is at that age where she is starting to figure out what she likes and her own style. We are here for it!

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The journey for a child to find their unique style is not always smooth. We have stumbled a bit, but we have also found ways to stay supportive and even kick up the encouragement!

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Ways We Help Our Child Express Her Uniqueness

1.Supporting her interests

We are a family of creatives and our hobbies seem to stem from a place of self expression. Whether it’s art, design, baking- you name it, we are here for it. We love to nurture her interests and let love it for as long as she wants to.

child sewing machine

2.Providing her with tools

One of the ways she expresses herself the most is with what she wears. Our Zoey has a unique style. She loves color, she loves details, she loves choosing the little “thing” that makes her feel like her outfit is complete.

Cool Maker Stitch ‘N Style Fashion Studio Sewing Machine

Which is where the Cool Maker Stitch ‘N Style Fashion Studio by Spin Master comes in! This pre-threaded sewing machine has CHANGED THE GAME when it comes to her self expression. The Stitch ‘N Style Fashion Studio can be used on most fabrics and comes with the ability to customize your items even more with their unique hydro prints.Style with decorative water transfer prints that apply with water and wear your finished accessories.

You can purchase yours at Walmart, Target, and Amazon!

Zoey is loving the ability to learn an important life skill with ease AND the ability to make herself items that are uniquely made by her! The possibilities of what she can make are endless.

kids sewing machine
Features We love
  • The sewing machine has smart-stitch sensors  that sense the fabric and sews and stops automatically to help make sewing easy
  • It is a great beginner sewing machine for your little ones because of how simple and safe it is to use. The needle is completely hidden and inaccessible to little hands.
  • It is easy to get started- simply insert the innovative pre-threaded cartridge and begin to sew
  • It makes a great gift for the young ones in your life

3.Allowing our child creative freedom

As a parent, learning to let go a bit has been the toughest lessons in general. When it comes to creativity, the freedom we give her from the way she decorates her room, her school items, and her clothes is an absolute necessity to her self expression and confidence.

By being able to customize and create items using her Stitch ‘N Style Fashion Studio she is getting to take it one step further and use fabric and prints that speak to her. Even more importantly, she is taking such pride in what she is creating!

child made scrunchie
hydro prints

I love the pride that she feels, and creating together has been a great way to bond as well.

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