Toy Story Toddler Room

This nursery to toddler room transformation has been a real labor of love. It has been full of so much nostalgia and fun as we…


This nursery to toddler room transformation has been a real labor of love. It has been full of so much nostalgia and fun as we turned my twin toddler’s room from a woodland nursery into their dream Toy Story room!

From the moment I knew we were having twins they became my very own Buzz and Woody. Choosing the theme for their toddler room was a no brainer. The goal is a neutral with pops of color Toy Story room. Want to know a fun fact? Just about everything in this room reveal was made by my husband or myself.

toddler room
toddler room

Toy Story Toddler Room

It was time to switch the twins from cribs to toddler beds. To make it fun and exciting and smoothen the transition we decided to give them a full room makeover, involving them in every decision.

Toy Story
diy toddler room

The Beds

The biggest focal point of this room is the handmade wooden toddler house beds. I am so proud to say my husband made them! Will share more details on that shortly, because they deserve a whole post to themselves.

They were painted blue for a nice pop of color against the white wall. Lincoln’s favorite character is Woody. Lucas’ favorite character is Buzz. For a unique touch I purchased fabric from Joann Fabrics and sewed their sheets and pillowcases.

toddler room
toy story room
toddler room decor

The Accent Wall

Before the toy story decals, this wall had woodland decals. I love a simple decal and the goal is to keep the simplicity of it. I used my Cricut to cut SVGs purchased from Etsy to make decals using removable vinyl.

In addition to the decals, I designed and created signs with signature Buzz and Woody quotes. I am all about moving around furniture and items we own within our home. The addition of the storage bench is perfect for seating and additional storage for items like hats.

reading nook

The Toddler Room Reading Corner

What toddler room is complete without a little reading corner? The biggest score were these wicker chairs I stumbled upon in the clearance section of Home Goods. $30! Seriously could not pass those up!

Equally important to the theme is the design in regards to the height of everything. We want to promote independence, so you will find shelving at heights where our little ones can easily access their books, clothing, etc.

toddler decorations
decoration s
diy decor


I am in love with the details of this room. It is the little details that really make it unique and fun.

  • Army Men Decals for a fun nostalgic touch
  • Names in block letters to keep the color fun and reference back to the movies
  • DIY signs throughout the room with special characters and quotes

Their Reaction

The best of everything is always the reactions. This Toy Story Toddler Room surpassed our expectations and the boys love it.


  1. What size squishmallows are these? Wanting to get the largest size buzz & woody they make for my son. Thank you!

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