10 Things You Need to Know About The NEW Glowforge Aura

As a busy mom of four with a serious penchant for all things DIY, there’s rarely a dull moment in my life. Crafting is my…


As a busy mom of four with a serious penchant for all things DIY, there’s rarely a dull moment in my life. Crafting is my me-time, my therapy, my creative outlet. It’s been an exciting journey growing my skills. And today, I have some very thrilling news for my fellow craft enthusiasts: the introduction of the Glowforge Aura, a laser cutting machine that’s here to seriously up your crafting game!

glowforge aura

Top 10 Things You Need to Know about the Glowforge Aura

1.Wide Material Compatibility: The Glowforge Aura works with hundreds of different materials. It’s a versatile addition to your crafting corner that helps bring all your DIY dreams to life.

2.Aura Vision™: With the Aura Vision feature, you can preview your designs on your materials before you even hit the print button. No more second-guessing your designs!

3.Precision Engraving: Perfectly align your intricate engravings with the onboard camera. No more guesswork, just precision and perfection.

4.Simple Setup and Use: The Glowforge Aura boasts a super straightforward setup process. Using it is also a breeze, making your crafting sessions more about fun and less about stress.

5.Detailed Engraving: This laser cutting machine can engrave photos in high detail, making it perfect for personalizing your projects with logos, JPEGs, and more.

6.Proofgrade Material Compatibility: The Glowforge Aura works seamlessly with Proofgrade materials. These are specially created to work with Glowforge machines, offering sharp and clean prints every time.

7.Ready-to-Print Designs: If you’re ever short on time or inspiration, you can use ready-to-print designs that are super user-friendly and quick to execute.

8.Venting Options: Worried about venting? Glowforge Aura offers options! Vent through a window using a hose or opt for the Glowforge Personal Filter for indoor use.

9.A Game-Changer for Crafters: This machine is set to revolutionize your crafting game, adding a professional touch to your DIY projects.

10.Ideal for All Levels: Whether you’re a DIY newbie or a seasoned crafter, the Glowforge Aura fits right into your crafting journey, opening up new possibilities and making crafting even more enjoyable.

Get ready to experience a new world of precision, creativity, and convenience with the Glowforge Aura. It’s time to let your crafts shine brighter!

Glowforge Aura

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