Spooky DIY Fun: Glowforge Aura Halloween Crafting

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s that time of year when pumpkins get carved, costumes get stitched, and the air is filled with…


Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s that time of year when pumpkins get carved, costumes get stitched, and the air is filled with an eerie excitement. As a crafty parent, I’ve always enjoyed finding new ways to get my kids involved in the Halloween spirit. This year, we decided to take our Halloween preparations up a notch with the Glowforge Aura, Glowforge’s amazing crafting laser.

paint party with glowforge aura

The Glowforge Aura has been such a joy to have, and I can’t wait to see what more we can create together. It took our Halloween crafting to the next level, and boy, did it deliver! Let me take you on a thrilling journey through our Halloween painting party and show you how this incredible machine made it all possible.

glowforge aura

The Magic of Glowforge Aura:

The first thing that struck me about the Glowforge Aura is how simple it is to use. Even if you’re not a seasoned crafter, you can easily create intricate designs for your projects. Here’s how it works:

  1. Design Your Project: Using your Glowforge dashboard, you can choose from a library of designs or create your own. For our Halloween cutouts, I found some spooky images that were just perfect.
  2. Materials Matter: Glowforge offers a range of materials designed specifically for their machines, Proofgrade Materials. What’s awesome is that each material comes with a QR code that the machine reads, automatically adjusting settings for the best results. No need to be a laser expert!
  3. Let the Magic Happen: Once you’ve set up your design and material, you just hit “print” and let the Glowforge Aura work its magic. It’s like having a crafting wizard in your own home. Just remove the masking off your Proofgrade materials with your hand or a simple piece of tape will do.
proofgrade materials

Our Halloween painting party began with my Glowforge Aura, or Jarvis as we call it, creating intricate wood cutouts of cute Frankensteins, witches, and ghosts. What continues to surprise me is the level of detail the Aura can achieve. I decided to score the details of our cutouts for a unique, lightly textured effect. The result? Spooky masterpieces that look amazing.

paint party

Unleash Your Creativity:

One of the things I love about the Aura is its versatility. It can cut materials up to 1/4 inch thick and engrave up to 3/8 inch deep. This means you can experiment with a wide range of materials and create projects that suit your unique style. Whether it’s wood, acrylic, leather, or even fabric, the Aura handles it with finesse.

But what truly sets this machine apart is its camera system, known as Aura VisionTM:. This live camera preview allows you to position your materials with pinpoint accuracy. You can utilize every square inch of your material, minimizing waste and maximizing creativity. No more guesswork or ruined projects—just precision crafting at its finest.

Crafting Without Boundaries:

With the my Aura, I can create indoors, thanks to the Glowforge Personal Filter. This nifty accessory ensures that any fumes or particles are filtered out, leaving our crafting space clean and safe. So, no more waiting for perfect weather or setting up in the garage. Craft when and where you want! As a mom crafting around and with her kids often, the filter is my most recommended Aura accessory.

air filter

Spooktacular Painting Party:

With our Glowforge-made cutouts ready to roll, we set up a spooktacular painting party. The kids couldn’t contain their excitement as they picked their favorite designs and got their paintbrushes ready. From vibrant pumpkins to eerie ghosts, they brought our wooden cutouts to life with their imagination and creativity.

As we painted and laughed together, I couldn’t help but appreciate how the Glowforge Aura had made our Halloween crafting not just fun but also incredibly easy and rewarding. With a simple design process, materials that are a breeze to work with, and a machine that ensures precision, it’s a game-changer for crafty families like ours.

So, if you’re ready to take your crafting to new heights and add a touch of magic to your Halloween preparations, I highly recommend the Glowforge Aura. It’s the perfect companion for creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Let your creativity soar and bring your Halloween visions to life like never before!

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