Crafting Love: DIY Valentine’s Day Earrings with XTool P2

This Valentine’s Day, dive into the world of personalized gift-making with the XTool P2 CO2 laser, a game-changer for creative enthusiasts. The XTool P2, with…


This Valentine’s Day, dive into the world of personalized gift-making with the XTool P2 CO2 laser, a game-changer for creative enthusiasts. The XTool P2, with its versatility and precision, opens up a new realm of possibilities, allowing you to venture into a wider array of materials and designs, especially for those special Valentine’s earrings made from acrylic.

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DIY earrings

XTool P2 Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Valentine’s Earrings


  • Xtool P2
  • Cast Acrylic (I picked red and pink acrylic)
  • Earring hooks and jump rings

1.Design Selection: The journey begins in the digital realm, where finding the perfect SVG file for your earrings is a breeze. The user-friendly XTool Creative Space (XCS) makes uploading your chosen design as simple as tapping the Image button. With compatibility across devices, creativity knows no bounds. You can select the image button and find your file like I did.

2.Material Setup: Next, prepare your laser bed by adjusting the slats to snugly fit the acrylic, ensuring stability and precision with the help of material pins if needed. This step was specially important because I was cutting small shapes.

3.Design Placement: Utilize the P2’s innovative dual-camera system to position your design with unmatched accuracy, optimizing material use and ensuring every cut counts. The close-view camera gives you amazing precision and I can use every inch of material this way!

4.Cutting Parameters: With recommended settings from XTool at your fingertips, setting up your P2 for the perfect cut is straightforward, ensuring your earrings come out just right. For the 3mm colored acrylic I used the 60%, 8 mm/s, 1 pass. Make sure to set your material size accordingly.

4.Cutting 2 Colors: For this project I was using two different colors of acrylic. In order to cut just one of the pieces in each color, I went ahead and selected to ignore layer 1, cut layer 2. Then ignore layer 2, and cut layer 1.

5.Execution: Preview your design in XCS, make any final adjustments, and once satisfied, it’s time to bring your creation to life. The smoke purifier is essential for indoor creators, offering a clean and safe environment as you watch your design materialize. As a mom of young kids, working inside her home, this was a must!

This was the preview when I was cutting just the top of the earrings.

This is the preview when cutting the bottom of the earrings

6.Removing The Pieces: Once your P2 is done cutting, you will want to remove your pieces from the slats. At this time you will want to pull out your tray and remove any pieces that may have fallen along with any excess material. If you have masking over your acrylic, this is also the time to remove your masking.

7.Assembly: The final step is assembling your pieces into beautiful earrings, ready to wear or gift. The process, from cutting to assembly, not only is satisfying but also ignites the potential for a budding business.

The XTool P2 isn’t just a tool; it’s a gateway to exploring your creativity with materials beyond your imagination. Its large bed size, auto passthrough, and attachment options for larger materials streamline the making process, turning intricate designs into tangible art within minutes. This Valentine’s, let your creativity shine with custom earrings that capture the essence of love and craftsmanship.

When I first unboxed my machine, I was a little intimidated by it’s size and power. Only to come to become empowered with all I can create! It is so straightforward to use and there is so much that can be made!

Expand Your Creative Horizons

Embracing the capabilities of the XTool P2 CO2 laser means not just making but creating with passion, precision, and endless possibilities. Whether for personal use, gifting, or kickstarting your creative business, the journey begins with the push of a button. This Valentine’s, delve into the art of making, and let your love for creativity reflect in every piece you create.

Stay tuned for all to come with XTool!

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