About Karen

You made it! Welcome to my own little space. I am truly happy you are here.

Hi, I am Karen. I am a first-generation Mexican American woman and mom of 2 girls + twin boys! I am the woman behind the computer bringing you all you see on Mamma Bear Says.

Mamma Bear Says has helped me grow in ways I could never imagined. I never saw myself being an entrepreneur. Once upon a time my dream was to become an attorney. However, after becoming a mother for the second time my goals changed. You see, I became a single mom to Zoey at the age of 20. I juggled being a full-time student, a mother, and often worked multiple jobs in hopes to provide a better future for her. Although I spent my days working towards our future I missed out on so much of her youth and regretted it so much.

While I worked a clerical position with the county I took the LSAT, applied to Law School, got accepted and in the process found myself pregnant with my second daughter. After Lia, was born everything changed, I did not want to miss out on watching my child grow again. I knew becoming an attorney would mean dedicating my life to the career and I didn’t want that. One night I half-joking told my husband “What if I didn’t go back to work” and to my surprise was met with an enthusiastic man who ventured out seeking ways I could “Be My Own Boss”.

One day while at work he called me and said “You should start a blog”. I had no idea how to started, but I knew that I found myself constantly sharing my stories and tips and reviews of products with other moms in online forums and Facebook Groups. I was already a blogger in a sense. It took a lot of me to open up and begin sharing. There was so much that I had to learn to do but the best thing I ever did was take that leap.

My Life Now
I am now the mother of 4 and a proud twin mom. I use my space here and daily on Instagram to share bits and pieces of my life; the good, the bad, the ugly, the transforming. Through writing and photography I have found an expressive outlet that just heals my soul so much. After my twins were born I struggled heavily with anxiety, and looking back now- it was a true blessing in disguise.

It is because of that anxiety that I was forced to slow down and reflect on my life and the person I wanted to truly be. When we become mothers, it is not uncommon to feel like we loose a part of our identity-I know I had. It took my whole world being flipped upside down and my mental health crumbling for me to do the work and become okay being uncomfortable.

I stopped putting on faces and I began to share. A whole new level of truth and rawness came about and I became truly unapologetic. The fear I once had about what others would think began to fade. I began to make myself a priority and dive in to the things that I loved to do. I took up meditation, journaling, picked up crafting again, and invested in myself. My life became about seeking the joy in life in the midst of the chaos, whether that be by enjoying some Disney in our lives or crafting with my kids.

I am living the dream I never knew I have. I get to connect with so many mothers, share my life, and work with some great brands to share products and services I hope will help your life in some way.

Raise Them Kind
If there is one thing I pride myself in- it’s being real. It’s something I really hope you can take away when you follow our life. Part of being real is sharing the difficulties in life, because being a parent is HARD! But! I want you to remember that you are important and the role you have as a parent (or future parent) is the most important thing will ever do. You have in your hands the power to change the world. Every action you take and every word you speak can shape the generations to come, so choose them wisely. Join me in raising kind humans.